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Wanna have a good time with KAWAII WORLD★ Kawai Girls
カワイイガールが世界のファッション都市(パリ、ロンドン、ニューヨーク、ミラノ、ロサンゼルス、サントロペ、イビザ、モスクワなど)を巡り、カワイイを見つけてシェアします。 Kawaii Voyage Bootsは、はっ水加工、滑り止め効果に優れ、丸めてバッグにすっぽり入る携帯ブーツ。いつでも旅に出れるように、ハンドバッグの中でも、車の中でも、スーツケースの中でも、 あなたと一緒にいます。その他、レインコート、傘、ハット、バッグ、Tシャツなどラインアップも充実。

Pure Ligne KAWAII WORLD (カワイイ ワールド)
Pure Ligne - Kawaii World is a brand dedicated to redefining fashion goods for travel. The collection lineup consists of boots, coats, hats, bags, and umbrellas, encouraging fun of coordinating light, compact, and multifunctional items suitable for your voyage. All this in the context of "kawaii," a global trend today, stemming out of Japanese culture. The main character of Kawaii World is our Kawaii Girl, who is a globe trotter. She travels through Paris, London, New York, Moscow,Los Angeles, Milano, and the ski resorts of France and Switzerland. Visiting various cities, to share her love, peace and the "kawaii " spirit with everyone.

Pure Ligne KAWAII WORLD (カワイイワールド)ROLL
ROLL...ROLL...ROLL... What's your favorite roll? Yummy spring roll....yummy tuna roll...yummy cinnamon roll..... My favorite is the TOTE ROLL★ So cute and handy for everyday use and to take with you on your happy voyages. Do you like the French style pompons? So Kawaii★ Pure Ligne KAWAII WORLD